High Precision Stamping Services

Our stamping services utilize the top of the line stamping equipment to produce high quality stamped.

  • Prototyping run
  • Mass production
  • Single stage
  • Multi-stage progressive dies and tools
  • In-tool riveting
  • In-tool tapping
  • High speed up to 1000 SPM
  • High precision parts production
  • Tonnage range 35T-200T
  • Fully automated machines

We also offer tool design services, strip layout (panel) optimization, DFM, PFMEA and DFMEA

Why choose us?

Custom Stamping

Our diverse stamping capabilities mean your parts are custom designed and produced to meet your needs exactly.

Value for Money

Our state-of-the art technology and efficient processes guarantee affordable stamping services that meet any budget.

Fast Turnaround

We operate 24/7 to ensure a fast turnaround time to meet your stamping needs, however big or small.

Our Service Guarantee

√ Extreme precision

√ Superior quality  

√ High-tech processes

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