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Premium industrial 3D printing services

Voyager Engineering offers top of the line industrial 3D printing Services. Our 3D printing facility is equipped with the latest and greatest technology to produce high quality 3D printed parts. No job is too big or too small, we produce 3D printed part for wide range of applications: Manufacturing fixtures, short run production, medical tools and aerospace parts.  

3d Printing Service

3D Printing Services

If you have an idea, we can build a working product prototype in record time. Our experienced Engineers place equal importance on design and functionality, so your concept is realized exactly as expected.

3D Printing Post Processing Services:

  • Sanding
  • Spray Painting
  • Polishing
  • Silk Screen Painting
  • Tapping
  • Heat Set Insert

Why choose us?

Exceptional Service:

Our team of Engineers will work closely with you to ensure your 3D printing requirements are met as per specification, on time and on budget.

Endless Capabilities:

Design without restrictions. There’s no need to stress about fabricating limitations and obstacles with our versatile 3D printing services.

Latest Technology:

We have access to 50+ Stratasys FDM and Polyjet printers that operate 24/7 to ensure your project is completed swiftly.

Our Service Guarantee


Our innovative technology assures value for money


Extreme precision & accuracy are our priority


Our efficiencies mean on time delivery

Industries We serve

A diverse range of industries are being completely transformed with our 3D Printing Services.

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Push the boundaries of innovation with our 3D printing services. Implement new design ideas and solve design challenges more economically and faster than ever before.


Maximize assembly line efficiencies and adopt new manufacturing strategies while you eliminate high machining costs and work around limitations with our 3D printing services. We offer solutions to diverse requirements and field functions including manufacturing fixtures and jigs, as well as rapidly creating complex injection molds.

Consumer Products

Product development has never been so simple. Stay ahead of competitors with our 3D printing services – go from concept to a functional prototype in a matter of minutes or hours. Many consumer products companies are going towards using 3d printing OEM parts as well.


Our 3D printing services cover the use of biocompatible materials in the production of medical devices (tested and USP Class VI approved by medical experts for irritation, sensitization, and cytotoxicity), as well as the creation of medical education tools like detailed human body internal organs.
Product Design Services
3d Prototyping
Automation Technology Services

Our 3D printers include:

 40+ Stratasys   FDM printers

Fortus 380 mc/450 mc/900 me

Max print size


Layer thickness Minimum 

wall thickness

914mm X 610mm X 914mm 

0.05mm - 0.08mm 



6 PolyJet printers

Objet J750/500 connex

Max print size 


Layer thickness Minimum 

wall thickness

500mm X 400mm X 200mm 

0.02mm - 0.05mm 



Our 3D printers include:

3d Printing Service

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Our team of highly skilled Engineers have the experience you are looking for. We offer you a one-stop-shop from design to prototyping to production. Our talented and highly trained technicians combined with the state-of-the-art machines make Voyager Engineering your best choice to manufacture your most complex parts with the highest accuracy in the industry.  

Because we thrive in customer satisfaction, we focus very hard to meet our promise of best quality and on-time delivery. 

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